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Berlin offers loads of things to see, experience and enjoy. It is a vibrant European capital, cultural melting pot and the political center of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is almost impossible to describe Berlin in just a few words. Its lifestyle, open-mindedness and exciting sights are intriguing and eye-catching. Besides its trendiness and youthfulness, Berlin offers many historic sites and tales. First noted as a city with all modern legal rights in the 13th century, Berlin has ever since been a hub of trade and political power. The most famous sovereigns who shaped the city’s face were most clearly the Hohenzoller. Their palaces and châteaus are absolute beauty spots and certainly worth visiting. Strolling around the gardens of Sanssouci (meaning “without sorrow”) you’ll get a glimpse of Prussia’s glorious era. In summer, the enormous stairways, right under the château of Sanssouci, are most inviting to relax in the sunshine and over-look the stunning baroque garden-architecture. In the city, Charlottenburg Palace is the largest and most important building in Berlin from the former Brandenburg elector kings and German emperors. It was the favorite residence of the Hohenzollern family. Elegantly furnished and designed by Fredrick the Great himself, you’ll walk on the same ground as the famous monarch.


Berlin faced a very bitter and dark age during the Nazi regime. During World War II Berlin was almost entirely destroyed in order to defeat the Nazi regime. The victorious Allies parted Berlin into four sectors. The control point at the border of the American and the Soviet sectors became most famous, known as Checkpoint Charlie. It was the best-known border crossing during the Cold War. Socialists parted the city permanently in 1961, making Checkpoint Charlie the most iconic confrontation between the West and the East. The most famous and nearly-fatal scene that entered history books is the face-off between Kennedy’s and Khrushchev’s tanks. After being parted in two, the Wall finally fell in late autumn 1989. Families throughout Germany were re-united. Part of the Berlin Wall can still be seen at the Berlin Wall Memorial. You can easily see how life was in a divided city. The German Democratic Republic (GDR) lifestyle can be relived at the museum or by cruising around the city in one of the infamous classic cars: a Trabant. Lovingly called “Rennpappe”, driving the Trabant is worth the time and the money. Like a real East-German, stop over for a tasty lunch break at a typical “Imbissbude” and practice your German skills by ordering a Currywurst or a historic “Goldbroiler” while sipping a Berliner Weisse (mild beer with syrup).


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After the German Reunification, East Berlin faced an era of rebuilding and refurbishing. Asking a Berliner (which is also the term used if you refer to a doughnut) what the largest and most expensive building site in Berlin is, you will most likely hear: “BER!” Berliners jokingly attest themselves to no success in building airports, in addition to their poor soccer teams and public transport system.
Besides being a touristic hot spot, Berlin is also famous for its symposiums and fairs. IFA, ITB, InnoTrans, Panorama or the Berlin Fashion week are just a few examples of international fairs. Alongside trading fairs, many annual medical symposiums such as “Hauptstadt Kongress Medizin & Gesundheit” are held in Berlin.

So, why should you come to Berlin for your incentive event, sales meeting, dinner event, or teambuilding event? Berlin is the most exciting, vibrant and ever-changing city in Germany. It offers a wide range of high-class locations, including, premium class hotels, award-winning luxury restaurants, clubs and pubs. Anything goes. myGermanDMC is your partner in conceptualizing, planning and executing your incentive events. From small to very large events we are experienced in producing successful events and incentives. Whatever you would like to experience whilst visiting Berlin: our expertise guarantees the most accomplished destination management. Not to mention, the tastiest Currywurst as well. Just give us a call or send us an email: we look forward to hearing from you.

Trade fairs in Berlin – Facts

As previously mentioned Berlin hosts many different trading fairs over the course of the year. We are happy to provide you with some short facts about the most important trade fairs in Berlin.

The Internationale Funk Ausstellung, short IFA, takes place annually and hosts about 1,645 exhibitors from all over the world. Subtitled as “Consumer Electronics Unlimitited” the IFA addresses first and foremost traders in technology directly sold to the final consumers.

ITB, or International Tourismus-Börse Berlin, is the world’s largest fair for tourism. Annually held in March, the ITB welcomes over 170,000 visitors, showing highlights from over 11,000 exhibitors.

InnoTrans, is the world’s largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry. It takes place every two years and exhibits new technological inventions and innovations in the public transportation sector. On the weekend after the official exhibition only available for sales representatives, the outdoor exhibitions area is open for public visitors.

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